Email Support

All support is provided by email. Please send support requests to

To make our job easier and avoid delays due to exchanging emails always tell us:

  • what version of Ibex you are using;
  • what .Net Framework version you are using;

When sending a support email please attach:

  • the XML, XSL and/or XSL-FO files you are using;
  • all image files used in the XML files you are using. Images files are required because (a) we can identify problems with particular images files and (b) we often need to create your document exactly as you have in order to reproduce a problem. If we don't have your image files then the page breaks in the document will be in a different place and we may not be able to reproduce the problem.

Things to try before you email us

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Ibex;
  • Run Ibex from the command line. It is worth doing this to see if there are any error messages displayed which might help you solve the problem.

Always attach the XML/XSL/FO files you are having the problem with

If you don't send us your files we will very probably email you asking for them and this may cause a delay in resolving your issue. Please try and send the smallest possible example which illustrates the problem you are having.

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