Pricing and Licensing

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Developer Licensing

All products are licensed on a per-developer basis. A license is required for each software developer using the product.

There are no server or runtime costs. Having developed an application which uses Ibex you can deploy that application to any number of test or production servers without additional cost.

Where multiple developers share a copy of the product which is running on a shared server, a license is required for each developer.

Where a single developer uses multiple machines, one license is required.

Upgrades and Maintenance

You can upgrade your existing Ibex PDF Creator license by purchasing Annual Mainteance.

Annual Maintenance provides access to support and to the latest version of Ibex and any version released in the next 12 months. The first three months Maintenance is included in all Ibex developer licenses.

After the completion of your initial maintenance period, Annual Maintenance can be purchased separately for the price shown below.

.Net Pricing

All prices are in United States Dollars.





Ibex PDF Creator Developer License - Professional

Includes 12 months maintenance




Ibex PDF Creator Annual Maintenance

Provides access to new releases for 12 months. You must have an existing Developer License.




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