Ibex .NET Programmers Guide (online)

Understanding XML namespaces

Information on how XML namespaces work and how to use them in conjunction with Ibex PDF Creator.

Hello World

This example shows how to call Ibex from a C# program and create a PDF file from XML and XSL files.

Table creation

Information on creating tables using Ibex, including repeating headers and footers.

Creating crop marks

How to create crop marks using SVG and Ibex PDF Creator .NET.

Creating different headers on the first page

How to create different headers or footers on the first page of a document.

Using your own extension objects with Ibex .NET

How to extend the functionality of the .Net XSLT processor using your own objects.

Using Ibex runtime keys

This describes how to embed your license runtime key into your application.

Creating a table of contents

This describes to create a table of contents like this:

Changing the location of temporary files

Ibex uses temporary files to reduce memory usage during PDF creation. This describes how to change the location of these files.

Reporting progress during PDF creation

Ibex supports a callback mechanism which can be used to report the %completed as the PDF file is created.

Using the Ibex command line tool

This details command line options for the ibex40.exe program.

Compliance with the XSL 1.1 standard

Details the compliance of Ibex PDF Creator with the XSL 1.1 Standard.

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