Compliance with the XSL 1.1 Standard

This page describes the extent to which Ibex supports the XSL W3C Recommendation 1.1 dated 5 December 2006.

Objects are grouped in the way in which they appear in the XSL specification.

Declarations and pagination and layout formatting objects

Element Status
color-profile implemented
conditional-page-master-reference implemented
declarations implemented
flow implemented
flow-assignment implemented
flow-map implemented
flow-name-specifier implemented
flow-source-list implemented
flow-target-list implemented
layout-master-set implemented
layout-master-set implemented
page-sequence implemented
page-sequence-master implemented
page-sequence-wrapper implemented
region-after implemented
region-before implemented
region-body implemented
region-end implemented
region-name-specifier implemented
region-start implemented
repeatable-page-master-alternatives implemented
repeatable-page-master-reference implemented
root implemented
simple-page-master implemented
single-page-master-reference implemented
static-content implemented
title implemented

Block-level formatting objects

Element Status
block implemented
block-container implemented

Inline-level formatting objects

Element Status
bidi-override implemented
character implemented
external-graphic implemented
folio-prefix implemented
folio-suffix implemented
initial-property-set not implemented
inline implemented
inline-container implemented
instream-foreign-object implemented in .NET, not in Java
leader implemented
page-number implemented
page-number-citation implemented
page-number-citation-last implemented
scaling-value-citation implemented

Formatting objects for tables

Element Status
table implemented
table-and-caption implemented
table-body implemented
table-caption implemented
table-cell implemented
table-column implemented
table-footer implemented
table-header implemented
table-row implemented

Formatting objects for lists

Element Status
list-block implemented
list-item implemented
list-item-label implemented
list-item-table-body implemented

Dynamic effects: link and multi formatting objects

Element Status
basic-link implemented
multi-case not implemented, not relevant to PDF
multi-properties not implemented, not relevant to PDF
multi-property-set not implemented, not relevant to PDF
multi-switch not implemented, not relevant to PDF
multi-toggle not implemented, not relevant to PDF

Formatting objects for indexing

Element Status
index-key-reference implemented
index-page-citation-list implemented
index-page-citation-list-separator implemented
index-page-citation-range-separator implemented
index-page-number-prefix implemented
index-page-number-suffix implemented
index-range-begin implemented
index-range-end implemented

Formatting objects for bookmarks

Element Status
bookmark implemented
bookmark-title implemented
bookmark-tree implemented

Out-of-line formatting objects

Element Status
float implemented
footnote implemented
footnote-body implemented

Other formatting objects

Element Status
change-bar-begin implemented
change-bar-end implemented
marker implemented
retrieve-marker implemented
retrieve-table-marker implemented
wrapper implemented

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